a new moon

On November 4, 2017, I drove out to Daytona Beach to take pictures of the full moon.   I used my Nikon  Coolpix L340.  I really like this camera but it has its limitations.  Here are a few of the pics o f the moon I took.

I wanted to take some pictures where you can really see the moon, pics like I see on the internet.  After this, I went online to do some online research on how to take pictures of the moon.  The tutorials I found required adjustments to the settings for aperture, shutter speed and  ISO.  Unfortunately, my Nikon doesn’t allow for adjustments to these settings.

As a Christmas present to myself, I purchased a Sony a6000.  This is my first camera that has the ability to make adjustments to the settings mentioned above plus much more.  This is also my first camera with changeable lenses.

On, December 31, 2017, I went and took pictures of the full (well almost full, it was actually full on January 1) and I am encouraged this camera will be able to take the kind of pictures I would like.

I took these two pics with the point and shoot method but they came out pretty good.  I think once I actually learn how to use the adjustable features and change the aperture, shutter speed or ISO, I will take some amazing pics of the moon.  I hope so anyway.