Hello! Thank you for visiting my travel blog and photographs about my Florida life. I recently purchased a Sony a6000 and I started this blog so I could share my pictures and adventures.  I live in Central Florida, so most of my photographs are in this area.   My daughter and I love to explore and take day trips and weekend road trips.  We go to parks, museums, the beach, shopping, site seeing and everywhere I go I usually bring my camera.   My daughter calls me a "total tourist" but she is pretty patient letting her old mom take photos.

The blog posts are categorized on the sidebar or if you are using a cell phone, below the main text.  You can find blog posts by using the search box.  Current blog post are shown under "Recent Post" and the archived posts can be found under "Categories".

All photographs on this site have been taken by me (unless otherwise stated) and belong to me.  If you see a photograph you would like to use, please leave a comment below the post.    Everything on my blog and my photographs are Copyright © 2017 - 2018 Sue Weidner / lilsusieq.

I am always looking for interesting places to visit where I can take pictures.  If you have any suggestions on where I should go here in Florida, I would love to here it. I have been to the Orlando Wetlands, Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive, Orlando Wetland, Black Point Wildlife Drive, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Saint Augustine, Tampa, local beaches, several state parks and more.   We have been busy but I am always searching for somewhere new to go.

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