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Bloom N Chalk Fest in Safety Harbor

On March 18, 2018 we went to the Bloom N Chalk Fest in Safety Harbor, Florida.  This was our first time going to a chalk fest and visiting Safety Harbor.  The city is north of Saint Petersburg and east of Clearwater.   It is a very pretty area and the part of the city we saw had a small town feel to it.   It reminded me of Mount Dora, Florida.

Bloom N Chalk Fest took place in Downtown Safety Harbor off of Main Street.  We got there about 11 am  on the second day and it was already pretty crowded.  We had a little trouble finding parking but not too much, took about 15 minutes of driving around.   I don’t know how artists participated in the event, there were a lot, we walked from one end of the festival to the other end to see all the chalk drawings.  I took pictures of alot of the drawings but I don’t think I got them all, there were a lot of people there.


I have the pictures below and a number on the picture corresponds to the artist on this list:

  1.  Derek Ray
  2.  Mike and Marcie Bethold
  3.  Sharyn Chan
  4.  Cass Womack
  5.  Erik Greenawalt
  6.  Lester Mendoza
  7.  Mike and Pam Williams
  8.  Dave Brenner
  9.  Shellley Brenner
  10.  Rob and Nadine Nickeson
  11.  Fawne DeRosia
  12.  Beatrice Flaig
  13.  Holland King
  14.  Reese Youngberg
  15.  Ken Mullen and Hector Diaz
  16.  Genesis Allione
  17.  Damon Meri
  18.  Kimberly Wood
  19.  David Lepore
  20.  Chris Carlson
  21.  Willie Zen
  22.  Janet Tombros
  23.  Julie Garden
  24.  Tonya Youngberg
  25.  Michael Las Casas
  26.  Venessa Monenegro
  27.  Bridget Lyons
  28.  Aislynn Mullen
  29.  Maria Paula Romero


In addition to the chalk drawings the festival had food and craft booths.  The rasberry tea from The King’s Nut and Tea was really good. 

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Harry P. Leu Gardens

In February 2018 we went to see Harry P. Leu Gardens to see the Art with LEGO Bricks by Sean Kenney.

There were over 13 displays made with over 450,000 LEGO Bricks.  Here is a picture of the map showing were all the display were located.

We visited each display and I took a photo of them all.   My favorites are the Peacock and Gardening Grandfather and Granddaughter but all of them were fantastic.

  1.  Bonsai Tree,  2. Peacock,  3.  Buck, Doe, and Fawn (two pictures),  4. Giant Corn Spider,  5. Giant Pansy,  6. Galapagos Tortoise and Darwin Finch,  7. Ant Mosaic,  8. Gardening Grandfather and Granddaughter,  9. Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed,  10. Wheelbarrow,  11. Hummingbird and Trumpet Flower,  12. Birdbath,  13. Roseate Simmer Dragonfly


This was out first time to see the gardens and it was really worth it.   You can bring lunch and sit outside the Welcome Center (first two pictures below)  to eat.   I took pictures of the Leu House Museum (last picture below)  but the inside was not open to the public.  It is still being repaired from Hurricane damage.  I think it was damaged during Hurricane Irma in 2017.   We spent about 3 hours at the gardens and didn’t get to see it all, it is a pretty big place.  We plan on going back for another visit in the Spring.