Mount Dora at Christmas

  • Where: Mount Dora, Florida
  • When: December 9, 2017
  • What : Christmas Time

We went to Mount Dora to see the Christmas lights.  We usually go at least once a year during the holiday season.  It is really something to see.  The whole downtown area is done up in lights.

We love to window shop, Mount Dora has a nice selection of stores and restaurants.  There are a couple of bakery / ice cream / bakery stores, a pet store, books stores, antiques, clothing and lots of crafts.  Next time we go I want to try the “Let’s Do Maine Lobster Roll’, it looks good!

This the the Children’s Christmas at Mount Dora night and there were lots of activities for kids.

Overall it is a great time.  A few words of caution, finding parking can be difficult and there is limited places to use a restroom.  The stores will not let you use there restrooms, even if you are a paying customer.  At least that was my experience.   I have gone to Mount Dora on few occasions when it is really crowded and it can be a real hassle.  I recommend going at slower times.






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