My name is Sue and my daughter is Mimi.   This is my travel blog about My Florida life. We love to go “out and about town” and explore our beautiful Florida.  When my daughter was little she love Dora the Explorer!  We used to pretend to go on adventures and explore the world just like Dora and her cousin Diego.  It kind of stuck, she is no longer into Dora, but we still call ourselves adventurers who love to explore.   We do love to go on adventures and usually do something every other weekend.  Mostly we go on daytrips to parks, museums, hiking, the beach, zoos, aquariums, car shows, Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Aquatica, the Orlando Wetlands, Mount Dora, etc.  We have take several road trips, such as  to Tallahassee, Tampa, Saint Augustine and Atlanta but we are always planning more.


I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby but once I got my new camera, I started this blog so I could write about our adventures and share my photos.

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